Program Guidelines

Welcome To The Jax Project!

Listed below are the program guidelines that must be followed by clients to receive services from the Jax Project. 

Here you will find information regarding practices, services, and eligibility for the project. Please reach out via email to with any questions or concerns!


All clients must be referred by a case manager with a human service organization or a health care professional based on the professional’s assessment of needs.



Clients must have demonstrated financial need by providing proof of enrollment in a government funded assistance program such as SNAP, WIC, or Medicare/Medicaid. Enrollment documents such as a copy of a benefits card with the client’s name on it must be attached to the enrollment form submitted by the client’s case manager.



Enrollment in services is based on a twelve-month period beginning the date of enrollment. Continued services are available upon a reassessment of need performed by the referring professional and approved by the Jax Project administrative team.


  1. Clients are required to keep all pets up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations while receiving services.
  2. Pets must be spayed/neutered within six months of enrollment to continue receiving services.
  3. All dogs must be licensed in accordance with local ordinances within six months of enrollment to continue receiving services.
  4. No pet in the home may be used for breeding purposes; breeding is grounds for an immediate end to available services.
  5. Clients are responsible for the training and education involved in responsible pet ownership, though the organization may provide referrals and resources to aid.
  6. Clients are solely responsible for any legal or criminal charges or fees associated with the behavior of the clients or the pets they own.
  7. Clients are responsible for the welfare and care of their pets, and services rendered by the Jax Project do not imply ownership or responsibility of care for the animal or client receiving support.



Clients are responsible for keeping all appointments made by the Jax Project on their behalf with local service providers. Appointments may only be rescheduled once on a case-by-case basis for emergency situations. If a second appointment is missed, the client will be ineligible for receiving those services going forward.

At the Jax Project, we try to ensure that cost is not a barrier to care for companion animals of those living with chronic illness. While most supplies can be provided free of charge to clients, there are some services that do have a low-cost and/or sliding scale fee associated with them.*

All services are scheduled based on availability through our partnering agencies. Fees can be paid directly to the service provider, and the Jax Project will pay the balance on services approved by and scheduled through the program.

*if you are unable to pay the associated fees for services, please let us know so that we can try to help within the limits of our guidelines and budget.

The Jax Project is committed to providing support in a timely manner to the best of our ability. All requests will be addressed within five business days. Most requests for supplies will be filled within those five business days, but delays may occur due to lack of resources available. The Jax Project will attempt to meet brand and supply preferences of the client when able but will make necessary substitutions based on the availability of supplies. No supply availability is guaranteed as many supplies are provided by donation to the organization. Veterinary and grooming services are scheduled based on the availability of partner providers and no specified time frame is guaranteed until the appointment is confirmed by the provider.

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