As of 05.05.2022 our core values are:

All people and animals deserve to be treated with understanding and empathy regardless of health, financial, or social standings.  

Hard times do not diminish the respect that we show to the people and animals in our programs.  

The work we do is pushed by our belief in keeping animals in loving homes and ensure that critical illness does not prevent families from staying together.  

Access to education and information on veterinary medicine, training and behavior modification, and community support that helps keep animals in homes needs to be provided to all who seek it.  

By working directly in and with our communities, we can make a difference and achieve our mission.  

We are focused on the impact we create both for the welfare of animals of people living with chronic illness in our community as well as in the reduction of intakes due to surrender in local animal shelters.  

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

Our Core Values